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The S.A.S. is a non-profit association and it has its offices in Modena, via Giardini, 645/1.
It was born in order to protect, to improve and to promote the German Shepherd Dog and also to expand the selection and the breeding of this breed.

The S.A.S. is a collective member of E.N.C.I. "Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana" and it’s join with the W.U.S.V. "Unione Mondiale di tutte le Associazioni e Clubs del Pastore Tedesco".
The S.A.S. has organized into Districts and Departements in all Italian territory and it has about 6.000 members.
Every Departements have a training field where the members gather themselves to train and to prepare their dogs for the expositions and breed show.
Central and peripheral offices of the S.A.S. organize breed show and training test with respect of national and international regulations.

A priority objective of the S.A.S. is the Selection for the morphologic and psychologically improvement of the German Shepherd Dog in conformity with breed’s Standard. For this reason the National, District and Departement Board of Directors name a breeding and a training managers that watch their sector.
The S.A.S, since first years of activity, is interested to Dysplasia and it carry out a policy of research and prevention of this serious illness.

The S.A.S. every year organizes a Breeding’s Championship and a Training’s Championship. They acquire, from year to year, large dimension both for number of competitors and for a large number of foreign breeders. The S.A.S. takes part, every year, to Mondial Training’s Championship with a group of very good competitors. Also excellent are Italian breeders to take part to various European Breeder’s Championship. SV – Schaferhunde Verein in Germany that with number and  quality of dogs is the most important championship.

Official organ of the S.A.S. is the bimonthly review "Il cane da Pastore Tedesco". It contains various news, championship results, C.D.N. conclusions and decisions and other useful news direct to Breeders members and to keens on German Shepherd Dog.



President Sig. Verpelli Ambrogio
Vice President Sig. Anastasi Maurizio
Vice President Sig. Venier Sergio
Breeding Sector Superintendent ======
Training Sector Superintendent ======
Youth Sector Superintendent ======
E.N.C.I. Delegate Avv. Grosso Clemente
Giorgio Giuseppe
S.A.S. Treasurer Sig. Colelli Giuseppe
Councillors: Sig. Barbieri Gaetano
Sig. Battistini Emilio Ilario
Sig.ra Cornetti Paola
Sig. D'Alonzo Carmine
Sig. De Checchi  Fabrizio
Sig. Garofalo Marco
Sig. Pianelli  Michele
Sig. Zironi  Loris
National Secretary Sig. Ranieri Roberto
Director Sig. Zunarelli Andrea



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